The tech behind Get Office™

Get Office™ allows you to see and manage all critical data relating to your project in one place. Never again search for important documents or waste valuable time assembling project updates. Everything you need is just a click away.
Our tech was recently awarded by CREtech for Tech-Enhanced Brokerage.

One View to See Everything

Easily review your portfolio to quickly identify "active" sites


Quickly see all high-level data

Everything you want to know about your project, updated in real time, accessible on your desktop or mobile device in a simple, easy to use dashboard interface.

Design on the fly

Here, you can easily access and analyze program information and test fit plans and all other critical data informing space design.


Site Selection on Steroids

See all sites considered, which ones were visited and specific details regarding each including mapping and much more.

Constructing Your Space

When it comes to construction, easily track progress against a pre-established construction timeline and budget to identify and address issues before they become a problem.


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you can create your office

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