An easier way to lease your office?
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We provide tenants with a smarter, easier and faster way to address all of the challenges they face in creating and getting an office.

Getting an office is way too complicated

Tenants have to deal with a fractured process of hiring and managing multiple service providers to get office space. This antiquated approach results in greater cost, reduced visibility, prolonged schedules, increased hassle and sub-optimal results. There is no singular service offering that provides tenants a turn-key, full-scope solution. Until now.


Get Office™ is the solution

TenantSee blends sophisticated technology with a bespoke team of subject matter experts, delivered to your project day one to ensure fully optimized results. All for a price that any tenant can easily afford.

We have the skills and conviction necessary to create market transparency in all aspects of the project for you, the tenant.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Mitigate overall spend by 25%
  • Reduce up-front capital spend by up to 35%
  • Shorten project delivery timeline by up to 45%
  • Have 1 point of contact instead of 11

The team behind Get Office™ -
all for a price any tenant can easily afford

Tech Process Manager

Organizes and populates our Get Office™ tech and then manages that app throughout the entire process so we all have 24/7 project visibility

Workplace Designer

Figures out how much space you need, your optimal layout and "tests fits" your space in prospective buildings to determine best fit, all before you hire an architect

Construction Manager

Establishes the construction budget before you commit to building anything – and hires and manages the general contractor for you through move-in

Project Manager

Liaises with the construction manager & workplace designer, while also hiring and managing the architect, the furniture vendor, the IT folks, the movers, etc

Tenant Advisors

Drive the entire turn-key process "soup to nuts", while leading overall strategy, the site selection process and lease negotiations

Financial Analyst

Blends Corporate Finance + Real Estate Finance to give tenants an almost unfair, yet much needed advantage


Negotiates the audit related lease provisions while also establishing a year one lease audit baseline to compare future accounting years against


Real Estate Leasing Counsel negotiates the lease and any other associated real estate legal documents for you

Strategic Consultant

Helps you solve for broader business strategy issues re: key talent and customer pools, municipal incentives, and global site selection evaluations related to these issues.

T.I. Financier

Finances your entire tenant improvement (TI) construction project, enabling you to avoid out of pocket up front capital

Lease Administrator

Insures that the lease is abstracted with critical dates and key office lease payment information being at your fingertips via our customer portal – and all final project docs will be there too

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