Tenant real estate,
seen more clearly

TenantSee, powered by Cushman & Wakefield, is a modern, better approach to creating and getting office space. We were just honored by CREtech as a 2018 #RETAS award winner for Tech-Enhanced Brokerage.

Our Create Office and Get Office™ products fuse powerful technology with teams of experienced subject matter experts to make office leasing smarter, easier, and we'll say it, more fun.

Oh, we also lower costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to get into your new space.

Seeing is Believing

Take a look inside Create Office and Get Office™ to see what you've been missing

Create Office

You're just 8 simple questions away from turning meaningless data into meaningful perspective.

Create Office

Get Office™

Get Office allows you to see and manage all critical data relating to your project in one place.

Get Office

How TenantSee helps you Create and Get your Office

Be a smarter tenant

See all the key data AND know what it means to your project and how to use it to your advantage

Make it easy on yourself

TenantSee's proprietary Get Office™ technologies empower you to easily see and manage everything about your project in one place, from high level summaries to the cost of Jennifer's chair

Get your office faster

TenantSee's team of subject matter experts behind Get Office™ brings critical intelligence to your project from day one, compressing project schedules, allowing you to put your foot up on the desk up to 45% faster

See ways to reduce risk

By enabling you to see everything we help you make safer decisions

Turn-key solution

The TenantSee team consists of experts in space planning, leasing, construction and everything in between

Save some cash

Get an established team of experts to ensure better financial results and reduce risk, all for a price that any tenant can easily afford